New video surveillance released by the Fairfax County Sherriff’s Office this week give insight to the incident that lead to the death of Natasha McKenna in a jail cell early February. In the disturbing video, officers can be seen attempting to restrain McKenna to a chair so that she could be transported to Alexandra, Virginia. The officers subdued and […]

On Tuesday (Sept. 8) Fairfax County’s lead prosecutor revealed that he will not pursue charges in the death of Natasha McKenna, who died under curious circumstances inside a prison cell. Mckenna, a mentally ill woman, was Tasered and heavily restrained back in February and died later in an area hospital. McKenna, 37, reportedly resisted officers […]

Medical professionals and attorneys are disputing the “excited delirium” result in the autopsy of Natasha McKenna, The Washington Post reports. McKenna, 37, who suffered from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, died in the custody of Fairfax County, Virginia police in February when she was electrocuted with a Taser several times during a psychotic episode. After months of scrutiny and […]