North Miami Beach Police Department

    After it was revealed that the North Miami Beach Police Department had been using mugshots of African American men for target practice, many people were up in arms deeming that the practices were racially insensitive. Outraged by the situation, clergy members have launched a new social media campaign using the hashtag #UseMeInstead. The […]

Ever since the reality series “Sorority Sisters” made its debut on VH1, the show has sparked a lot of controversy within the Black community and many advertisers decided to pull their ads from the program due to the portrayal of “greek life” on the show. Consequently, Delta Sigma Theta sorority reportedly expelled five members that are […]

The North Miami Beach Police Department has come under fire after it was recently discovered that police officials were using mugshot images of African Americans for target practice. When an African-American Florida National Guard sergeant came to a shooting range last month for target practice, he noticed that a 15-year-old booking photo of her brother […]