CNN’s Don Lemon invited The Guardian columnist Orville Lloyd Douglas onto his show to discuss his controversial article, “Why I Hate Being A Black Man.” RELATED: ‘The Guardian’ Writer Explains Why He ‘Hates Being A Black Man’ Douglas admitted that he is “conflicted” about being Black because of the negative stereotypes that he is inundated with on […]

The Guardian columnist Orville Lloyd Douglas reveals in his latest piece that he hates being a Black man and that his skin color is his “personal prison.” He writes: “I can honestly say I hate being a black male. Although black people like to wax poetic about loving their label I hate ‘being black.’ I just […]

In the age of “There’s no dense opinion not worth sharing,” I came across one of the most frustratingly stupid articles of all the time. The Guardian’s Orville Lloyd Douglas has officially upped the ante in his misguided and dumb essay over his exhaustion with slave narratives on the big screen along with a call for […]