Laquetta Theus (pictured left) is the latest alleged baby mama to claim that the iconic former NBA player Michael Jordan (pictured) fathered her 2-year-old girl, according to TMZ. RELATED: Judge Orders M.J.’s Fake Baby Mama To Pay Him Thousands For Bogus Paternity Claim Theus reportedly filed paternity suit documents at a Georgia court and is seeking […]

Pamela Smith (pictured below), the woman who claimed that basketball icon Michael Jordan (pictured) had fathered her 17-year-old son, was ordered by a judge to pay him $9,704.13 for reportedly trying to milk the player out of thousands for a child whom she knew was not his, according to TMZ. RELATED: Pamela Smith Drops Paternity […]


When the story broke that Pamela Smith, basketball giant Michael Jordan’s ’90s ex-fling and allegedly the Mother of his child, was suing for child support, many questioned why she waited 16 years to file a paternity suit. Well, Smith now claims that she doesn’t need the money, but that her son, Grant Pierce Jay Jordan […]