Six Flags

Baker's mother Maurnice Baker told NewsOne that her son's belongings were still at the home, including his cash and identification. "He calls me at least ten times a day everyday. That's not like him at all," said Baker, a worker with St. Louis public schools.

Some times the old saying, “It wasn’t his time to go,” holds true, because there is just no other explanation for someone to survive certain catastrophes. This perfectly describes the case of a 19-year-old California man who fell from the 75-foot Venom Drop at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Valencia, California — and survived to […]

Michael Green lost his hands in a house fire when he was 15 months-old and feels discriminated against because officials at Six Flags Over Flags Texas would not let him ride a roller coaster, reports “[I can do] everything except tie my shoes. I can cook. I can drive. I can clean. I can […]