Black fans of TV probably had a Tom Cruise “Oprah couch” moment when they heard Issa Rae confidently say she wanted “everybody Black” nominated for an Emmy to win.

NEW YORK  — Problem solved? It would’ve been embarrassing to overlook Melissa Leo when handing out the Emmy nominations this year. After all, just five months ago, she won herself an Oscar. So on Thursday, she got a well-deserved nod for the HBO miniseries “Mildred Pierce.” That got Emmy voters off the hook. In the […]

Regina Kings recently wrote a harsh criticism of the Emmys on The Huffington Post. See criticized the award ceremonies for not recognizing actors of color, confusing her with another Black actress and not recognizing “Sesame Street” and “227” actress Alaina Reed Hall, who passed away this year. Up to and including this year, there have […]