Decades after his tragic death, Marvin Gaye‘s presence is strongly felt throughout all forms of music. Much like James Brown and Gil Scott Heron, his work has helped shaped music as we know it. From the early days of Nas and Kanye West, to rappers like Wale, Gaye’s influence is just as strong as ever. As we […]


The North Miami Beach Police Department has come under fire after it was recently discovered that police officials were using mugshot images of African Americans for target practice. When an African-American Florida National Guard sergeant came to a shooting range last month for target practice, he noticed that a 15-year-old booking photo of her brother […]

Osama bin Laden’s former mistress Kola Boof, is making waves for here recent assault on rapper Wale via Twitter, claiming the rapper does not celebrate black beauty. Boof attacked the DC-based Nigerian rapper in a barrage of tweets, for what she sees as a lack of African women his music video “Pretty Girls.” Boof’s Tweets […]