On October 28th, a news story broke about a Kenyan woman who got more than what she bargained for when she purchased hair that harbored maggots for her weave. A panic among weave wearers quickly spread as the story snaked its way across the globe, with many questioning the quality of hair that is used for weaving, according to […]

A recent article appearing in the New York Times focuses on the growing trend of weaves stolen from beauty shops across the country. Just last month, a pair of robbers stole close to $90,000 worth of weaves from a Chicago beauty shop. The robbery is just one of many which illustrates how quality hair weaves […]

Illinois —  Chicago police are searching for a thief who stole $90,000 worth of weaves from a beauty supply store this past Sunday morning. The thieves knew what they were targeting and made off with the hair from Beauty One “A huge steel door had been pried open, with two deadbolt locks on it,” one […]