Police Brutality

Tyre Nichols' autopsy results are consistent with claims he died from injuries sustained during a "severe beating" from Memphis police, his family's attorneys said.

A Memphis councilman who said he's been told about the bodycam video showing Tyre Nichols' violent arrest said the footage is "disgusting."

The Butler County, Ohio cops on video punching Latinka Hancock in the face over a Big Mac were not fired after brutalizing the Black woman.

A jury awarded Caron Nazario less than $4,000 of the $1 million he sued for after Virginia cops assaulted the Black Army officer on video in 2020. "It is open season on citizens in Virginia," his lawyer said.

It was easier to fire cops for consensual sex than it often is to fire cops for killing Black people.

Police Brutality

Caron Nazario sued two Virginia officers seen on video pepper-spraying the motorist.

Police Brutality

The officer was suspended after video showed him beating a 12-year-old outside of a school.

Police Brutality

A police-run tennis program detained him.

Police Brutality

Dalvin Gadson filed a federal lawsuit against three members of the Colorado Springs Police Department involved in a violent stop.

Greene died in custody in 2019 after he was brutalized during an arrest at a traffic stop.

Colorado Springs police body cam footage reveals cops who brutally beat Dalvin Gadson laughed and joked about it afterward.

Dalvin Gadson claims he was racially profiled and the victim of police brutality in Colorado Springs, and he has graphic photos to prove it.