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Dream Defenders beckoned a new generation of freedom fighters who wanted to follow in the footsteps of civil rights and Black power icons, the group's public relations manager, Marjua Estevez, writes.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

It's critical to unpack the violence Black women experience at the hands of Black men.


The epic beef between rappers Kendrick Lamar and Drake has once again demonstrated the linguistic acrobatics of rap culture.


The leaked video showing Diddy attacking Cassie raises so many reminders for victims of domestic violence who may find this moment traumatic and overwhelming.


The best way to fulfill Brown’s promise and confront the national teacher shortage is to hire more teachers of color, researchers found.


Some coverage of Black women casts them in a negative light as either ineffective, unable to keep up, angry or overly sexual. Godwin, the first Black woman to lead a major broadcast news network, has been portrayed as ineffective.


Seventy years after Brown v. Board of Education legally integrated schools, voucher programs are yet another clever tool whose forces are intent on maintaining segregation to dismantle public schools.


Many pundits in the manosphere believe that men need to embrace their traditional roles as protectors, providers and producers.

A Texas appeals court is deciding whether to uphold a lower court's decision against splitting a Black voting district to create a predominately white one.

Family & Parenting

Why a National Day Without Child Care matters.

During an interview with Vivek Ramaswamy, Ann Coulter told him she would not have voted for him because "you're an Indian."


Several polls suggest as many as 23% of Black voters and 46% of Latino voters could cast their ballot for Trump.