Prosecutors called their first witness in the trial of two officers charged in connection to the death of 23-year-old Elijah McClain.

federal judge has set a trial date for the five former Memphis officers accused of murdering Tyre Nichols. 

The family of Irvo Otieno has finally reached a settlement in his tragic death.

On Tuesday, hundreds of residents rallied outside City Hall demanding that the city begin to roll out reparations recommendations.

The bill would establish an office dedicated to missing and murdered Black women and girls within the Department of Justice.  

A Moms for Liberty rep complained to the San Ramon Valley Unified School District that students were taught white people have no culture. But what is "white culture" anyway?

How did people who were enslaved, forced into unpaid manual labor and built this country end up being considered lazy? This is the history of the damaging and racist notion that is easily debunked.

How artificial intelligence impacts the Black community is a focal point at this year's Congressional Black Caucus legislative conference. Rep. Barbara Lee said AI has “No diversity, no Black lens.”

White students told on their teacher after being taught "Between the World and Me."

The new anti-affirmative action lawsuit aiming to strike down race-conscious admissions at West Point farcically claims racism in the military has been “virtually nonexistent post-Vietnam.”

The deaths of Nichole “Nikki” Coats, 32, and Maleesa Mooney, 31, remain under investigation.

The centrality of the Bible in Black life cannot be overstated, Rev. Osagyefo Sekou writes.

In all its wisdom, the Supreme Court has joyfully unleashed its wrecking ball of justice to obliterate affirmative action.

The teen who refused to give his Citi Bike bike to Sarah Jane Comrie and his family spoke out about the viral incident.

Why are some films allowed to promote during the impending writer's strike? Check out our explainer that breaks it all down.

As 50 Cent prepares for franchise fame with the upcoming ‘Expend4bles,' we look back at some of our favorite Black movie franchise stars.

Sha'Carri Richardson let her afro shine at the Diamond League Final on Sept. 16.

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Some legal and political experts believe Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is losing popularity in Florida and as a presidential candidate.

Los Angeles City Council member Kevin de León is hoping to be reelected after being exposed in a racist scandal.

Donald Trump falsely claimed that his mugshot has caused his support among Black voters to go up "four or five times."

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The fallout from a white waitress refusing Black truckers service took a legal turn.

A fledgling movement to boycott Dove started after white folks got angry at its partnership with BLM activist Zyahna Bryant, who falsely accused a white woman of racism.

Latoya James was killed during a botched raid and cops blamed her cousin for it.

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Meet Sally Vonner, the new General Secretary and CEO of United Women in Faith who is proving that powerful women defy the odds at every stage in life.

Kymera Mitchell garnered much-deserved recognition after being accepted into 19 colleges, nine of which offered her full-ride scholarships. 

Our Forever First Lady has launched a new health company.

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Rolling Stone co-founder Jann Wenner apologized for the racist and sexist excuse he made for his exclusively white male book.

Alzheimer’s disease is partly genetic. Studying the genes that delay decline in some may lead to treatments for all.

A white principal in Flagler County, Florida falsely blamed a Black teacher for an assembly singling out Black students for low test scores.

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Irish Grinstead’s death comes more than 15 years after her twin sister, Orish, an original member of 702, died from kidney failure. 

Participants systematically discriminated against job candidates with names they associated with Black people.

The New Jersey airport restaurant that New York Times columnist David Brooks tried to shame over the cost of a meal is owned by Black men. 1911 Smoke House Barbeque had some time.

Josh Schoemann thinks he and those he represents are being treated unfairly because they're white—in Wisconsin.

Gershun Freeman, 33, died Oct. 5 inside Shelby County Jail in Memphis, Tennessee, while having a psychotic episode.

Sherman Jaquess defended his blackface performance by saying people were only bringing it up because he has spoken out against drag shows.

For National Voting Registration Day, here's a step-by-step guide to prepare you to cast your ballot on Election Day. If you want to exercise your constitutional right to vote, you need to register first.

Former NFL Player was reported missing after his mother was found dead last weekend.

HBO abruptly canceled the series depicting the rise of the "Showtime" Lakers in the early 1980s shortly after its season 2 finale.