Civil Rights & Social Justice

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Byron Donalds is fantasizing about being able to "step in" as vice president to Donald Trump is needed, according to reports.

Charlie Kirk revealed a "White Boy Summer" flag during a "People Convention" event featuring Donald Trump as a headliner.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Amid Juneteenth, U.S. laws created during slavery are still on the books. A legal scholar wants to at least acknowledge that history in legal citations.

A body believed to be missing 26-year-old Navy veteran Jarvis McIntyre of St. Louis was discovered in San Antonio.

Paul Jonathan Bittner hit the 6th grader over race, Washington State cops said.

Imagine looking the only survivors of one of the worst and most notorious race massacres in America’s history right in the eye and telling them they aren’t owed anything for what they suffered. Imagine saying that to Black people who are seeking reparations, not as the descendants of the people who suffered, but as the sufferers themselves.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

In a world roiled by violence, Rev. James Lawson showed how nonviolence can be an even more powerful force to create societies defined by justice, freedom and equity.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

All signs suggest the man who punched a woman at a Pride event remains gainfully employed.

White people will never admit their "anti-white" narrative is actually just their white inauthentic tearsy response to pro-Black and pro-POC activism and the denial that anti-Black racism isn't real, despite all the data that indicates it' is and there being no data to support the existence of anti-white racism.

John Vincentini, a 64-year-old white man from Lacey, New Jersey, pleaded guilty to racially threatening a Black Amazon delivery driver.

Despite video evidence, Byron Donalds denied implying that Black family's were better off under Jim Crow after being pressed by Al Sharpton.

Once a person has a felony on their record, they face a lifetime of punitive consequences.