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A Black couple in Queens, New York, sued their white neighbor who sprayed water on their dinner party guests in a move straight out of the Jim Crow playbook.

George Floyd's uncle Selwyn Jones said Denny's refusing to serve Black men in South Dakota was “a disgrace” that underscores the lack of progress being made along racial lines in America.

During an appearance on the Higher Learning podcast, Larry Elder was asked but couldn't answer what he does to combat "fatherlessness" after claiming it holds back Black people.

Edward Blum and American Alliance for Equal Rights tried and failed to block the Fearless Funds grant program for Black women.

Donald Trump falsely claimed that his mugshot has caused his support among Black voters to go up "four or five times."

How did people who were enslaved, forced into unpaid manual labor and built this country end up being considered lazy? This is the history of the damaging and racist notion that is easily debunked.

The fallout from a white waitress refusing Black truckers service took a legal turn.

A fledgling movement to boycott Dove started after white folks got angry at its partnership with BLM activist Zyahna Bryant, who falsely accused a white woman of racism.


Latoya James was killed during a botched raid and cops blamed her cousin for it.

Mary Holmes held a Black woman delivery woman at gunpoint because she was "terrified."

Anti-apartheid icon Steve Biko's dedication to Black consciousness produced a wealth of quotes that remain relevant 46 years after South African police murdered him on Sept. 12, 1977.

Race Matters

17 of those years were on death row for a crime he didn’t commit.