Civil Rights & Social Justice

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One of the biggest concerns of community members is how the money will actually be allocated. 

Ajike "AJ" Owens, a Black mother of four, was shot and killed in Ocala, Florida, by a white woman who was allegedly using racist slurs. The white woman hasn't been arrested or charged.

Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene suggested, without any proof, that people at a white supremacy protest in Texas were actually federal government agents in disguise.

As a grand jury hears evidence against Daniel Penny, New York City has a history of grand jury decisions centered on vigilante subway violence and a chokehold death. Bernard Goetz and Eric Garner, anyone?

Cyrus Carmack-Belton’s murder by Rich Chow draws attention to the worst stereotypes among Black and Asian relations.

The Supreme Court is considering ending affirmative action.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz caused an uproar with a tweet that claimed the late Dr. King would be "ashamed" of the NAACP's Florida travel advisory. Black Twitter schooled him quickly.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

A GoFundMe has begun. "We can’t afford a lawyer,“ the teen's mother said.

Race Matters

A reinvestigation unearthed new evidence.

On the third anniversary of the murder of George Floyd, civil rights leaders mourn the loss of the Black man whose death sparked a movement.

The third anniversary since George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis, all four of the former-police officers involved in the kneeling killing have finally been fully held accountable for their actions and inactions on that fateful day.