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Rap manager Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond has released a statement lashing out against prosecutors, informants and reporter, Chuck Phillips while being sought by authorities for drug conspiracy charges. Rosemond named “Precious” director, Lee Daniels sister, Lea Daniels and her husband, Henry “Black” Butler as two of the people who were informing on him. Leah Daniels was charged with obstructing a federal investigation for allegedly sneaking guns and cash out of her house to protect her husband and Butler was accused of shipping cocaine from Los Angeles to New York.

Rosemond said this of Daniels and Butler:

This is obvious from the deals he has already given his ‘witnesses’ to testify against me. Henry “Black” Butler, a known rolling 60’s gang member, and wife Leah Daniels who are Kaminsky’s star ‘witnesses’ were arrested with drugs and machine guns in Los Angeles. Butler was promised five years and his wife got her case dismissed in exchange for implicating me in their operation. I know nothing of Butler’s criminal activities and was never involved with him concerning those criminal activities. I just know him as a self-proclaimed gangbanger who told jokes all the time and worked for Loud Records in the 90’s. They leaked all this false information about me to the media and left out the truth that Henry Butler denied my involvement until he was promised a reduced sentence of five years if he included me in his operations.

Rosemond also addressed allegations that he was an informant, that was published in the New York Daily News:

I have endured slanderous media for quite some time. Last year, in their frustration, they employed Chuck Phillips and the Daily New to write baseless stories in the media saying I was a snitch (but never mentioned or produced one person I ‘snitched’ on) to hopefully get people to start cooperating with their bogus investigation. Chuck Phillips started a campaign against me and wrote dozens of letters to inmates serving considerable time in federal prison begging them to cooperate. When those tactics didn’t work, they subpoenaed every person that knew me or worked with me in the music industry, including my accountants, lawyers, secretary, etc.


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