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Meet Dream Defenders leader Brittany King, and learn how this human rights organization empowers its community.

White journalist Sam Forster is being dragged for disguising himself as a Black man for one summer to write a book on how racism still persists in America.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

As NewsOne embarks on a partnership with Dream Defenders, we're privileged to spotlight Marjua Estevez, the group's public relations manager.

NewsOne has partnered with Dream Defenders. Get to know Rachel Gilmer, director of the Dream Defenders' Healing And Justice Center.


Rolling Stone reported that former Howard University classmates of Sean "Diddy" Combs recalled an incident of him "beating" his college girlfriend with a belt.

Jahmal Hudson was punched and tased by Lakeland police after a neighbor called authorities to shut the party down.


They want to introduce irrelevant evidence of drugs and stolen credit cards in his car.


Federal prosecutors have been interviewing Sean “Diddy” Combs' accusers and may present that evidence soon to a grand jury, according to a new report.

Rep. Tommy Tuberville repeated the white nationalist "great replacement theory" and said it started under Barack Obama.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

A viral video purportedly shows Lakeland police officers brutally beating a Black teen before one puts their knee on his neck.

Jan. 6 supporters with an “Ashli Babbitt Memorial Stone” got turned away from Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day, video shows.

Eric Posey was defamed by a conservative blogger.