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Black people are still are distrustful because of the way the system continues to treat them in disparate ways.

Kelly's display of unconscionable anti-Black / pro-white hate gaslighting began with the ridiculous argument that Trump can't be judged by a "jury of his peers" because he has no peers because he was the president.

The majority of white Americans support preserving the history and legacy of the Confederacy, Americans as a whole are still on the fence.

This episode of the "Fatal Attraction" podcast chronicles the shocking murder of Julii Johnson that rocked the suburbs of Detroit.


Dr. Nathan Hare, a pioneering sociologist and psychologist who was also called the father of Black Studies, died on June 10 at the age of 91.

The two co-founders will maintain ownership of the battle series and future Verzuz streams will be free to watch on X.

A political sign for U.S. Senate hopeful Angela Alsobrooks of Maryland was defaced and threatened racist violence against her.


Willie Mays reminds us there's hope the U.S. can transcend its ugly racial history and embrace a talented and proud Black man as a national hero.


U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters attended the prison sentencing of Brian Michael Gaherty, who was convicted of making racist death threats against her.


This Juneteenth is an opportunity for Congress to help reduce the racial wealth gap by supporting the Heirs' Estate Inheritance Resolution and Succession (HEIRS) Act. 

Dr. Errol Henderson, most notably in one of his more recent works, The Revolution Will Not Be Theorized builds on DuBois’s work, as well as that of Alain Locke, makes the argument we most need to know: We were our own liberators.