Race Matters

Alabama Republican Congressman Gary Palmer used racist language to describe schools in majority Black Washington, D.C. as "inmate factories."

South Doyle High School chemistry teacher Sanford Graves was suspended with pay after a video showed him justifying using the N-word in class despite Black students objecting.

Whitlock declared on his show that if he were an NFL team owner, he would "think twice before drafting a Black quarterback."

Actress Jodie Turner-Smith opened up about how having a biracial daughter with her white husband changed her feelings toward colorism. Back in 2019, she said she "hated the dark skin that made people call me ugly" as a teenager.

Mississippi news anchor Barbie Bassett was taken off the air for quoting Snoop Dogg.

A Florida parent complained about the film showing a 6-year-old Black girl integrating New Orleans schools in the 1960s.

Pan-Afrikan psychologist Dr. Umar Johnson drew attention to interracial relationships when he asked if Jonathan Majors was "snowbunnied" after his arrest for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend.

ESPN's Mina Kimes had some choice words for Jason Whitlock after the sunken critic defended a radio host calling her an anti-Asian slur.

Black people are being warned about Gov. Ron DeSantis' attack on civil and social rights.

The event, organized by Temecula Valley Unified School District in California, took place after the governing board voted to ban CRT.

Louisiana Prosecutor Hugo Holland has been tapped to prosecute the five white cops who killed Ronald Greene, but he's a racist and pro-cop.

The University of Maryland course explores if and how discussions on race and racism have changed since “The Boondocks” first aired in 2005.