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While they appear to surface every dime in a dozen, Anders Breivik’s reported attack in Oslo, Norway brings the “Christian Terrorist” back into the international spotlight.

Mark Juergensmeyer of Religion Dispatches explores the uncanny similarities between Breivik and Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. Aside from being described as Christian extremists, both Breivik and McVeigh sought to protect their Christian staunches through acts of violence against what they presumed to be liberal threats to Christian society.

Religion Dispatches Reports:

Both were good-looking young Caucasians, self-enlisted soldiers in an imagined cosmic war to save Christendom. Both thought their acts of mass destruction would trigger a great battle to rescue society from the liberal forces of multiculturalism that allowed non-Christians and non-whites positions of acceptability. Both regretted the loss of life but thought their actions were “necessary.” For that they were staunchly unapologetic. And both were Christian terrorists.

Their similarities even extend to the kind of explosive used in their actions. Both used a mixture of fuel oil and ammonium nitrate fertilizer; which Breivik said he needed for his farm operations. The farm, it turned out, was rented largely because it was a convenient place to test his car bombs.

Juergensmeyer went on to suggest that if Osama Bin Laden was considered to be a Muslim terrorist, then Breveik and McVeigh could surely be considered as Christian terrorists.



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