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After the first day came to a close in the Michael Jackson manslaughter trial against his former doctor, Conrad Murray, definitive arguments have been determined between the prosecution and the defense.

Prosecutors say that Murray is responsible for the death of the pop legend, citing numerous forms of negligence by the doctor, while the defense blames Jackson for his own death.

If found guilty of homicide, Murray faces at least four years in prison.

Here are some crucial arguments that were made by the prosecution:

  • Murray spent 45 minutes on the phone as Michael Jackson lay dying, according to the prosecution.
  • Michael Jackson “literally put his life in the hands of Conrad Murray,” and that “misplaced trust” cost the singer his life, Prosecutor David Walgren said in his opening statements.
  • Murry did not tell medics he had given Propofol to Jackson. He allegedly told the police he had been watching his patient, but went to the bathroom and only realized something was wrong when he returned.
  • Murry lacked the proper expertise or medical equipment to administer propofol.
  • Murray used the drug and administered too much of it, and he “abandoned” Jackson while he was sedated, according to the prosecution.
  • Murray did not call 911 right away after seeing that Jackson was unresponsive.
  • Murray allegedly lied to paramedics and emergency room physicians about the singer’s use of propofol.
  • Prosecutors say Murray was talking on his cellphone and sending text messages to three different women during the time of Jackson’s death.


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