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Say it ain’t so!  There’s a rumor that the Kardashians have managed to secure yet another lucrative entrepreneurial coup, a deal with Barbie to release a line of dolls, according to MTV.

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The airheaded trio, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé, have reportedly inked a deal to have limited-edition replicas of themselves in outfits that will be sold at their famed Dash boutiques.  The dolls will reportedly have measurements that will reflect their actual curves.

Unfortunately, there are hordes of Kardashian devotees who have allowed themselves to get sucked into the trio’s sensationalistic traps, whether it be their involvement in a diet quick-fix, overpriced boutiques, chintzy Sears clothing line, or trashy reality-TV shows, which are a bonafide descent into idiocracy.

Last year, even First Lady Michelle Obama said in an iVillage interview that she and her husband object to the girls watching the Kardashians on television:

Barack really thinks some of the Kardashians, when they watch that stuff, he doesn’t like that as much.

Young girls already have self-esteem issues that they are battling. They are surrounded by images of female beauty that are unrealistic and unattainable.  The Kardashians are stereotypical portrayals of shallow, self-absorbed, materialistic, narcissistic, and superficial women; the Kardashians fit what great journalist Barbara Walters would call “talentless” women. Yet, many of our young girls maintain a hungry appetite for these kinds of role models.

Mattel, who is the manufacturer of the Barbie line, should be boycotted for even entertaining the idea of having any one of the Kardashians immortalized as a Barbie.

The doll line, which has had its fair share of criticisms throughout the years for promoting disproportionate and warped models of beauty for young girls, should learn from past mistakes.

The Kardashian girls are laughable pop culture representations that are concrete examples of how our  society is dumbing down.  If the dolls do make it to a conveyor belt, do we have to brace ourselves for new and improved Kardashian dolls that bend in every sexual position imaginable?

What do you think of a possible Kardashian line of Barbie dolls?  Would you purchase one for your niece or daughter?


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