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Six men are charged in the murder of Nicholas Jackson II, 15, of Norcross, Georgia, who was killed Thursday while playing Play Station in the basement of his home, reports the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

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Anthony Bernard Lumpkin, 32, Rico Dehaven West, 19, Eddie Lewis Green, 46, Michael Davis, 23, and Timothy Lamar Johnson, 34, and Jason Dozier, 36, broke into the Jackson home Thursday at approximately 6:30 p.m. while Nicholas and his sister Nikia Jackson, 17, were home alone.

Dozier, who has served four different terms in Georgia prisons dating back to 1993 for robbery and aggravated assault, was just recently released from Telfair State Prison.

Nicholas Jackson, Sr. told the AJC that he believed that his son, who was shot in the heart before dying at a local hospital, startled the intruders when they kicked in the door:

“He got up to see what the ruckus was,” Jackson said. “The shots seemed to be fired as the suspects retreated.”

Older sister, Nikia, was emotional when talking about Nicholas. She witnessed the intruders fleeing in a mini-van and soon discovered her brother trying to roll over. “[The crime] seems so senseless; [He] is the best brother anybody could have.”

The former junior high valedictorian played football at Norcross High School and had plans on attending Alabama State University, his grandmother, Sherry Reid, told Channel 2 Action News.

Dr. Burrell Pope, principal at Hopewell Christian Academy where Nicholas attended for three years, said that he was a “model student” who was known for his helpful, friendly nature as well as his football skills:

“[Jackson] was the type of kid who stayed away from trouble,” Pope said. “That was his motto, he wanted always to stay away from trouble.”

“He was a young man of integrity, a mentor to a lot of the students who were younger than him,” he continued. “He was always willing to help out when needed.”

Norcross Police Capt. Brian Harr said that the mini-van was located about a mile from the scene and several other weapons were found inside of the vehicle.

Counselors were on site at Norcross High as students struggled with the violent lose of one of their shining stars. Maribel Arellano, a junior at the school, said that although she just recently met Nicholas, he would leave a lasting imprint:

“It’s sad how he got shot,” Arellano told the AJC. “It’s scary to know that someone can be in your life one day, and then the next day not be there.”

According to his father, Alabama State University’s football program has already said that they plan on sending equipment to place in his son’s casket.

Funeral arrangements for Nicholas will be planned next week.


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