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Myron Rolle came to the right place to turn his oversized dreams into reality.

Disney World, the place that proudly proclaims at its gates that it’s “where dreams come true,” has become the backdrop for a 22-year-old man who thinks at once of being a great football player and a neurosurgeon.

Yes, at once. Most people would be happy to be just one in their lifetime. For Rolle, his desires run on a dual track.

Photo Rolle was essentially a three-year starter for the Seminoles.

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Such an instance took place Tuesday when Rolle spent two hours training under a high blue Florida sky complete with the typically hot sun that sends Coppertone stock prices soaring. By Rolle’s side is Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes(notes), who is still living off his own dream come true from February’s game-winning TD catch. Both of them take direction from trainer Tom Shaw.

But where Holmes will eventually head back to Pittsburgh to resume his football career, Rolle is putting that part of his life on hold. He’s heading to Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar in September as he takes a year away from the game to chase the neurosurgeon gig. Even as Rolle keeps himself in shape these days, hoping to maintain his status as a first- or second-round pick in the 2010 NFL draft, he has made the medical gig a high priority as well. After a day of training, Rolle has spent afternoons shadowing orthopedic surgeon Dr. Brad Homan at nearby Celebration Hospital. He has gone on rounds and even observed Homan in the operating room.

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