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Even though he was flat broke and living in his car at the time, R&B performer Bobby Brown is claiming that he financially supported ex-wife Whitney Houston and daughter Bobbi Kristina‘s lavish lifestyle, while the late singer underwent drug addiction treatment at a rehab facility, according to divorce documents unearthed by RadarOnline.

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During the former power couple’s divorce proceedings in 2006, Brown alleged in a court document that the iconic pop songstress Houston, who unexpectedly died on February 11 last month while in a hotel bathtub, took his daughter and moved to Orange County California without his consent.

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Brown, who at the time was seeking spousal support, also claimed that he did everything in his power to see his daughter Bobbi Kris and was experiencing extreme financial difficulties at the time. Still, Brown stated that he somehow managed to get to California and even laid out $10,000 so that Houston and his daughter could stay at a nice hotel while she was being treated.

The Grammy Award-winning singer and actress, however, challenged Brown’s version of the facts by stating that she went to California to have oral surgery in 2006 and stayed afterward at a clinic.  Houston’s declaration papers never mentioned a drug-rehab facility or monies that Brown allegedly paid toward her treatment.

The controversial couple had a pre-nuptial agreement that specifically documented that in the event of a divorce, neither of them would try to obtain spousal support from each other.  In the declaration, Houston also tried to drive the point home that her ex did in fact try to get spousal support from her.

“Bobby is trying to get child or spousal support from me, something he has done for some time now, along with his request for spousal support…. Bobby is fully capable of working and earning substantial sums of money if he would control his personal behavior. It is his personal conduct that keeps him from earning substantial amounts of money.”

In the long run, the dueling couple finally divorced in 2007, and Houston was given sole custody of Bobbi Kris.  Brown never did get a penny from his ex-wife.


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