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Tyler Perry's $1.4 billion net worth is made up of TV, film and lucrative real estate. Here is what we know about the filmmaker's wealth.


Two tracks on “Cowboy Carter,” “Spaghettii” and “The Linda Martell Show,” include spoken word commentary from Martell

Diddy has been named in a lawsuit filed by Grace O’Marcaigh, who accused his son, Christian Combs, of sexual assault.

They argued that Katherine Jackson could afford to pay her own legal fees allegedly associated to her objection over the Jackson estate's pending deal with Sony.

In honor of Women’s History Month, Serato unveiled its “Women to the Front” series spotlighting three DJs and producers. Watch inside.


Winners and other notable Black people at the 2024 NAACP Image Awards spoke exclusively to Radio One backstage behind the scenes.

Williams was back in the spotlight after the release of a heart-wrenching trailer for her Lifetime documentary “Where Is Wendy Williams?”

Tyrese Gibson said he wishes he was "born Latino" during a rant about how Black families need to do better.

lack TikTok influencers are killing the game with relatable and captivating content that is for us, by us.

Keke Palmer is living her best life in 2024. The star took to Instagram with posts encouraging self-love and empowerment in the new year.

For Fantasia, "The Color Purple" is art that imitates life. The new movie's star opens up to Elle about her redemption story.

Kayla Nicole broke her silence after weeks of being scrutinized because of her past relationship with football star Travis Kelce - who is now dating pop star Taylor Swift - with an open letter to Black girls.