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Let’s hope they have more video, because hug-gate just shows that once upon a time, Obama was black.

I have a confession to make to the folks at I’m a biracial lawyer married to a black woman who is both better looking and more popular than I am. I’ve never served in the Illinois state Legislature, but I was in North Carolina on Wednesday. I’ve never hugged, or even met, the late former Harvard Law professor Derrick Bell. But I have heard of him. Sound familiar?

If I were taller, richer and smarter and killed Osama bin Laden last year, I could be Barack Obama.

Alas, I’m not. But if you factor in attendance at a few college diversity rallies in the ’90s, I could be almost any middle-class black person you know.

Which is where went wrong this week with its breathless release of archival video showing then-law student, now-President Obama introducing the controversial but well-respected Bell at a campus protest in 1990.

The question isn’t “What’s Obama doing there?” — it’s “If you weren’t there, then what were you doing?”

Click here to watch video and judge for yourself.

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