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During the second day of a week of action in support of Trans people across the country, #IStandWithDonCheadle trended on Twitter. To counter posts showing solidarity with “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling, Twitter user @SisyphusRedemed tweeted a viral picture of actor Don Cheadle.  

Three years ago, actor Don Cheadle made headlines after wearing a Black shirt with white lettering that read “Protect Trans kids” while hosting “Saturday Night Live.” A simple yet powerful message, the picture of Cheadle, has surfaced from time to time.  

According to the Trans Week of Visibility and Action site, the week began on Friday, March 25 and runs through Thursday, March 31. The Trans Week of Visibility and Action allows people to support digital campaigns launched in seven states to build power and support trans young people. 

On the second day of the week of action, groups were calling attention to legislation introduced in Alabama that aims to make “lifesaving” healthcare for trans youth illegal. The bill has been condemned by various groups, including the Human Rights Campaign, calling it an “outrageous violation of privacy.”  

Several advocates have pushed for more than just visibility given the attacks on Trans children and their parents in states like Texas. Efforts to prevent students from discussing sexual orientation or gender identity persist. The week of action will highlight organizing in Texas, Alabama, Florida, Arizona, Missouri, Kansas and South Carolina. 

During an Instagram Live on Saturday, attorney Chase Strangio and writer and activist Raquel Willis were joined by actor Angelica Ross in conversation “about the systems of violence and discrimination our communities face and how we can mobilize and organize.” 

Far beyond bathroom bans, current efforts are attacking the rights and humanity of trans youth and children. The fixation on the most vulnerable members of our communities should raise broad outrage and concern. 

In its second year, the Trans Week of Visibility and Action Is also an opportunity for political education and raising awareness about “the more precarious material conditions for the most vulnerable members of our community.” The website includes a social media toolkit for those looking to support the week-long action and reading material for people looking to understand the issue better. 

As reported by them, the week of action kicked off with attention on anti-trans legislation in Texas and groups to support it.

“We don’t just want to be seen,” Willis said in an interview with them. “We want to be heard and considered as well.”


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