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Royce Reed, the diminutive star of “Basketball Wives” Miami has accused the judge in her custody battle with  Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard of having a conflict of interest and bias against her, reports TMZ.

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Reed and Howard have been locked in a contentious battle over their son, Braylon, with Howard saying that Reed is making it difficult for him to see the child. In a strange turn of events, Howard sued Reed for over $500,000 last year after she violated a court order that prohibited her from mentioning his name in the media — specifically on BBW. Reed allegedly ignored the order and had quite a few negative things to say about her child’s father on Twitter, which lead to him to seize her assets, including freezing bank accounts and taking away her car.

Reed also violated the clause that ordered her not to place their son in the spotlight when she posted a picture of Braylon and her boyfriend, Dezmon Briscoe of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in bed sleeping.

None of that is important to Reed at this point — who has been remarkably drama free so far during Season 4 of BBW — as she makes the accusation that Judge Tim Shea should be removed from the case because she believes that he takes issue with women who have children out of wedlock with professional athletes, reports TMZ.

The former Orlando Magic dancer has filed a motion fearfully making the request that Shea be removed:

I am afraid if Judge Shea continues to preside over this case, I will lose custody of my son.”

She goes on to make additional disturbing accusations against Shea:

Reed claims Shea wouldn’t let her present her side during a court hearing last month. Reed’s lawyer also filed an affidavit saying that during the hearing, Judge Shea said he would award Howard custody, then decided to delay his decision … despite the fact no evidence had been presented.

Even more telling, one of Howard’s lawyers, Mayanne Downs, is listed as an endorser of Shea’s on his website.

Whatever the situation, as is always the case, it is the child who suffers. For his part, Howard makes it clear in an Esquire interview that at the end of the day, he just wants to be with his son:

It’s very important. Hopefully me and my son’s mom will come to a better agreement for my son. When I do see him, we have the best time in the world. He acts just like me. He tries to run like me. He looks back and smiles like me. Fatherhood is great and it will get better. He’s young. He’s gonna need his father in his life. People say you don’t need a father to be successful. I take offense to that. I had an argument with my mom about Father’s Day and why it’s not celebrated like Mother’s Day.”

I would never, ever desert my child. A lot of my friends didn’t have fathers growing up, and they were very upset that their fathers weren’t around. I was lucky to have mine around.”


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