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Detective Gescard Isnora, the first officer to fired the 1st of fifty shots that killed Sean Bell and injured two of his friends outside of a strip club in Queens in 2006 has been fired, television news station NY1 reports.

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Isnora will not receive his pension or any of his retirement benefits, according to the report. The other officers on the scene, Michael Oliver and Marc Cooper, will resign from the New York Police Department. The lieutenant on the scene, Gary Napoli, will also resign.

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An internal NYPD judge ruled that Isnora should be fired and Police Chief Ray Kelly upheld that ruling. Kelly’s decision drew the ire of the department’s detectives union. According to NY1, they had this to say:

In a statement, the Detectives Endowment Association calls the decision to fire Isnora excessive and unprecedented.

It goes on to say in part: “Stripping a cop of his livelihood and an opportunity for a vested retirement is punishment reserved for cops who have…disgraced the shield, not for someone who has acted within the law.”

One of the officers who shot his gun on the night Sean Bell died, Michael Carey, was found not guilty of improperly firing his weapon. He will remain with the department.

New York City paid Bell’s family and his two injured friends $7 million as a result of a civil lawsuit, NY1 reports.

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