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Authorities have finally confirmed the identity of the woman who jumped off of the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge in South Carolina on December 9. Medical student Dr. Tosin Oyelowo (pictured), who was identified as missing, has been named in the suicide. While local authorities are yet to find Dr. Oyelowo’s body, the Charleston City Paper reports that local authorities were able to tie the 25-year-old to the fatal bridge jumping through eyewitnesses, personal items, and the location of Dr. Onyelowo’s car at a nearby gas station:

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Charleston Police Department spokesman Charles Francis said eyewitnesses at the scene had confirmed Oyelowo’s identity. According to an incident report, police found Oyelowo’s car parked at the Shell gas station on the Mt. Pleasant side of the bridge. Her purse and keys were found at the top of the bridge near where she had been seen around 3:40 p.m.

Dr. Oyelowo, who is a native of Nigeria, attended the University of Charleston’s School of Pharmacy  as a first-year medical student. When Dr. Oyelowo went missing, friends and family immediately employed both the Internet and social media, with “Dr. Tosin Oyelowo’s Family” website and a #TosinOyelowo hashtag, to gain media attention. Unfortunately, further investigation proved that Dr. Oyelowo matched the description of the woman witnesses saw throw herself from the bridge on a Friday afternoon. While local authorities are continuing the search for Dr. Oyelowo’ s body, no motive has been determined for the suicide.

Read more in the Charleston City Paper.


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