Earlier this week on a taped segment which aired today (May 15) for morning talk show The View, President Barack Obama revealed to the hosts that he and First Lady Michelle Obama have strict rules regarding their daughters Malia, 13, and Sasha, 9.

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Unlike many children in the United States, the First Family’s patriarch was firm in saying that Malia wasn’t allowed to have a cell phone until she was 12-years-old. Along with cell phone privileges, the Obamas closely regulate their daughters’ use of computers and TV watching, restricting them to weekends unless they need the items for homework.

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“Malia didn’t get a phone until last year and Sasha still doesn’t have a phone,” said Obama. “They don’t have Facebook pages. Part of that is security for us. They can only use their cellphones on weekends. They can’t use them during the week. We don’t let them watch TV or use their computer except to do homework during the week.”

Not everything is serious in the Obama household as the President told the hosts that during a humorous “private roast” held on his 50th birthday last year, Malia said that her dad was “just the right amount of embarrassing.” Obama also revealed that his wife mocks him “relentlessly” and keeps him humble.

“You’ve got a bunch of people around who are always laughing at your jokes and thinking that you’re funny and Michelle is like: ‘This guy?’ When she does it in front of my team, they love it. They’re cracking up and I’ll look and them at they’re all (makes straight face),” said Obama.


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