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Hip-hop star Gucci Mane (pictured) was just mandated by a Georgia court to pay $270,000-plus to A&A Diamonds for precious jewelry that was loaned to him but that he reportedly never gave back or paid for, according to TMZ.

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The lawsuit contends that the rapper borrowed a $130,000 diamond pinky ring and a $110,000 diamond-encrusted necklace.  The diamond company gave Gucci, whose real name is Radric Davis, either 15 days to return or pay for the lavish loaners.

When his time was up, Gucci — reportedly not wanting to part with his pricey baubles — only managed to pull a mere $40,000 from his deep pockets, which was a deal breaker for A&A.

The jewelry company filed their lawsuit against the 32-year-old rapper and also threw in the cost of the jewelry and attorney’s fees plus interest, bringing the bill to $279,523.34.

Since the bad boy celeb, who only a year ago was ordered to a psychiatric facility, was a no-show for his court date, a default judgement was entered and a lien was placed on his property.


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