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Interactive One, the largest digital media company serving Black Americans [and the parent company of NewsOne], announced today the launch of BlackPlanet Next, the next evolution of the iconic social networking website. BlackPlanet Next is a social curation engine targeted towards the African-American consumer that makes connecting with friends and discovering new information easier, more fun and more culturally relevant.

In 1999, before MySpace, Friendster and Facebook, launched as the first social networking site targeting African Americans. The site has since grown to serve 2 million users worldwide, making the BlackPlanet name an industry mainstay and a significant communication tool within the Black community.

“Many websites have been created to target African Americans, but very few digital products exist specifically for those who see the world through a Black lens,” said Navarrow Wright, Chief Technology Officer, Interactive One. “BlackPlanet Next will not only connect millions of people online, but also it will serve as a reminder of the importance of diversity of professionals and products in the technology industry.”

Local, Social, Mobile

BlackPlanet Next connects people with locally relevant information through their friends and other BlackPlanet Next users who share their interests. Each member can add his or her favorite places such as restaurants, clothing stores and live art venues to the site, post comments and tips about the location, and check in whenever they visit. BlackPlanet Next will suggest other places he or she might like based on the reviews and suggestions of the BlackPlanet Next community.

Keeping in touch with family and friends, and sharing life’s moments is easier with BlackPlanet Next. Users can post photos and short updates that appear on their connections’ activity stream. The activity stream can also be viewed by category including photos, videos, link and updates with a quick keystroke.

Connecting through music is a cultural tradition among African Americans and an important feature of the new BlackPlanet Next. BlackPlanet Radio, the digital industry’s first social radio website targeted towards African Americans, was launched in November 2011 and allows users to discover new music in a variety of ways, as well as create playlists from a library of more than 14.5 million songs to share with their social network communities. By streaming straight from BlackPlanet Next, users can share their personally curated musical tastes with their online community.

BlackPlanet Next also serves as an aggregator, bringing together content from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and more into a space curated by each user. By adding their favorite social networks to their BlackPlanet Next profiles, users’ followers can access all of their online content in one place. All of the features of BlackPlanet Next are available on a variety of mobile devices.

A Brand Connection

“BlackPlanet Next is the only sure way for brands to reach Black audiences in a social environment,” said Keith Bowen, Chief Revenue Officer at Interactive One. “There will be more opportunity to create custom branded experiences authentiacally connecting brands with their consumer. Brand Pages and traditional media opportunities are available as well. We look forward to working with our advertising partners on creative ways to connect with their target audiences.”

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Interactive One has more than 15 million members and reaches millions of Black Americans each month. With approximately 3 billion annual page views on its suite of sites, the company has become the definitive social network for Black America through BlackPlanet (, as well as a number of leading content sites. These sites include: NewsOne (, which provides up to the minute, comprehensive coverage of newsworthy events relevant to Black Americans across the country and the world; TheUrbanDaily (, the eyes and ears for Black Americans looking for what’s hot online, on the airwaves, in theaters, and on the street; HelloBeautiful (, the definitive lifestyle resource for today’s Black woman; Elev8 ( a site devoted to elevating the mind, body and spirit; and introducing BlackPlanet Radio ( the digital industry’s first social radio website created for African American community.

Interactive One was launched by Radio One in 2008 to complement Radio One’s existing portfolio of media companies targeting the African-American community. Since its launch, Interactive One has quickly become the #1 online platform for the African-American community. Interactive One is powered by the mission to create an online community that engages and positively impacts the lives of African Americans.