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Fifteen-year-old Kristoff John was running late for school at George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School in Brooklyn, New York, when he tried to swipe his card through the secured entrance.

When that didn’t work, the teen tried to push through. At that point, he was grabbed by shop teacher and security dean, Stephan Hudson, 39 and when Kristoff tried to pull away, the teacher brutally beat him. Now the teen’s mother, Diane John, is suing the city for $5.5 millon, reports the NY Daily News.

John says that she received a call from Hudson during which he claimed to have been attacked by her son. To avoid the teen getting into trouble, however, he was willing to “graciously settle it quietly.”

Kristoff stands at 5’3, and weighs approximately 115 pounds. Hudson weighs 300 pounds.

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Kristoff attempted tell his mother that the school was lying and that he did nothing to provoke the attack. He claims that he couldn’t walk for days after the beating because his back was so sore:

“I was fearing for my life,” he said. “I was surprised he hit me. I didn’t have time to think.”

But John didn’t believe her son and after a couple of weeks of what he says was continued bullying, she withdrew him from the school and sent him to her native Grenada to live with relatives.

Then she was contacted by the NY Daily News, who had obtained footage of the video.

“Oh my god!” the stunned mother cried out. “No! No! No!”

The video clearly shows Hudson grabbing Kristoff by the arm, throwing him to the ground and bashing him violently against a table — twice.

When the pummeling is over, Kristoff is handed over to police officers.

“They lied to me!” John cried to the News. “No one wants to see their son taken advantage of and beaten like this.”

Attorney Sanford Rubenstein filed suit against the city Thursday naming the Education Department and Hudson as defendants, reports the News.

“Stephan Hudson negligently, violently and viciously grabbed [Kristoff] by his arm, hand and neck, and dragged him across the floor and pushed him numerous times into a table,” the claim reads.

Neither the school’s principal, Janine Kieran, nor Hudson have responded to press inquiries. Kieran is also named in the claim for “attempted to conceal and cover up the truth” by not providing the video for John to view. An education department spokesperson says that Hudson, who has worked in city schools since 1990 and earns $95,202, has been ‘disciplined.”

For Diane John, that’s simply not enough.

“I’m doing this so that something is going to be done, so that it will never happen again to another parent,” said John. “You send your kids to school to learn. It’s supposed to be a safe place and for this to happen is shameful and disgusting.”


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