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When the Sheffield family’s house was set on fire by a neighbor allegedly jealous of the family, they lost everything inside.

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Brittani, John and Mariah Sheffield of Detroit were staying with family in a separate house when they learned that their own home had burned down on Saturday. Worst of all, the family says that it wasn’t the fire that took many of their possessions.

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“One of the neighbors said there were vans like here like while the fire department was here.  They didn’t even give them the chance to really leave and completely put out the fire.  They were here pulling up trucks just taking out stuff,” Brittani Sheffield explained.  “We saw our stuff on some of our neighbors’ porches.  Some of our things that we had used to make our home, they had already taken them.  Our washer and dryer was already gone.  Anything that was probably salvageable was taken.”

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The family was sadden that their neighbors would take advantage of them in their weakest moments. “Your neighbors are supposed to look out for you, and instead of looking out, maybe stopping somebody from taking the washer and dryer, they’re in there, too, coming out with a vacuum or something like that,” John Sheffield said.

But the good news is that a woman in suburban Detroit who saw the news report of the family’s story decided to call Fox 2 and offer a helping hand. Lia Threatt of West Bloomfield and Fox 2 filed up a news truck full of toys, drove down to Detroit and surprised the Sheffield family

“I just wanted you to know that I felt your pain and wanted to do what I could to help you guys.  Hang in there, keep your chin up, and it’s going to be all right,” Threatt told Brittani Sheffield.

So often, NewsOne and the rest of the media publishes reports on Detroit that often highlight the city’s struggle with crime and some of its wayward politicians. But this is a story is an example of  fine Detroiters and those in the surrounding area who really care about the city.

Way to go Lia Threatt and Detroit!

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