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Mother Chevonne Thomas (pictured) committed suicide, after admitting to authorities that she was the one who had “stabbed” her 2-year-old son, Zahree, according to the NY Daily News.

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When police arrived at Chevonne’s residence Wednesday morning, shortly after midnight, Chevonne was still reportedly on the phone with 911 dispatchers.

On Chevonne’s 911 call, at first she said that her boyfriend was the one who hurt her child, but then she admitted that she was the one who “stabbed” the child:

Dispatcher: 911 where’s your emergency.

Thomas: Yes, somebody just stabbed my baby. Please get here.

Dispatcher: They just did what?

Thomas: Stabbed my baby

Dispatcher: Do they know who it was, ma’am?

Thomas: Yes, it’s my ex, it’s my boyfriend. My current boyfriend.

Dispatcher: What’s your address?

Thomas: 1415 Kaighn. You know what? (dispatcher comments indecipherable) I did it. I’m lying. I’m lying. I’m lying. I’m lying. I did it.

Dispatcher: Do you need an ambulance, ma’am?

Thomas: No. I mean, no. He don’t need, no.

Dispatcher: What’s your name?

Thomas: Chevonne Thomas. Chevonne Thomas.

Listen to Thomas’ chilling admission here:

Tragically, by the time police made a perimeter around the house and entered through a second floor window, they found that Chevonne had stabbed herself several times in the neck and found her son’s head in the freezer.

But this wasn’t the first time authorities were alerted to Chevonne and Zahree.

In November 2010, Thomas’ child was taken away, after the Mother admitted to taking a combination of PCP and marijuana and leaving her then-10-month-old son unattended in a vehicle. According to published reports, Thomas blacked out after taking the drugs and couldn’t remember where she had left the child. Consequently, the New Jersey Department of Youth and Family Services took custody of Zahree, placing him with his maternal grandmother.

Zahree was returned to Thomas only four months before his grisly murder.

Even though Thomas didn’t live in her current neighborhood long, some neighbors still came to her defense as being a good Mother. An unidentified woman told KYW, “She was a good mother. She helped the family, she helped the neighbors, she helped everybody.”

Neighbor Lynette Brown told, “She would always sit on the steps and smoke. She would always have her baby on her lap.”

Still yet another neighbor said that she thought Thomas had mental health issues. The NY Daily News reports:

Thelma Moore, a former neighbor of Thomas’ from a different neighborhood, thinks mental health issues played a role.

Moore told that Thomas was “in a world all to herself” before saying the woman previously sought help. She then added that Thomas “just walked around and cursed to herself.”

At press time, authorities haven’t been able to confirm that Thomas did indeed have mental health issues.


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