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President Barack Obama, your long-lost Ghanaian niece Sister Deborah (pictured) really loves you. So much so that she penned a song in your honor, with some visuals to match.

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Sister Deobrah’s “Uncle Obama” song just hit the Internet three days ago. While the song, itself, debuted earlier this year, the three-minute, 59-second clip is truly a sight to see.

After meeting the handsome “Uncle Obama” at a market, Deborah leans against a white picket fence, serenading her long-lost kin while singing, “Uncle Obama/I like the size of your banana/Can I give it to my monkey/It will be so very happy!” All the while, said monkey is crawling on top of a fence with a banana in its mouth.

A video about a woman imploring her “uncle” to give his “banana” to a monkey? Sounds like “Uncle Obama’s” personal fruit wouldn’t like that arrangement — or the bestiality patrol. Bananas are sensitive to teeth, after all. NewsOne couldn’t score this video on a 1 to 10 ratchet scale, because it easily went to 30. So please watch and enjoy for yourself. Or grimace uncomfortably the entire time:

Watch Sister Deborah’s “Uncle Obama” music video: