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We’re sure Lena Eaton (pictured) did the Gangnam Style dance as she strutted her 91-year-old self down to the Indiana state lottery office twice in less than three months to pick up two big checks, the Daily News reports.

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On of the checks, which was awarded in August, was for $300,000 and the other, handed out on Nov. 1, was for $99,000.

Eaton, a mother of six, grandmother of 16 and great-grandma of 20, won her first big Hoosier lottery on Aug. 10 from a Quick Draw. She then tried her luck again and, on Nov. 1, the nonagenarian was stupefied when a $5 scratch-off ticket resulted in yet another big pot.

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Eaton has certainly defied the odds: she had a 1 in more than 8.9 million chance of winning in August, and a one in more than 646,000 chance of winning last week’s prize.  The odds for winning both pots were beyond astronomical for Eaton at 1 in 57 trillion.

After years of playing the lottery, Eaton is beyond ecstatic at her big wins. She has already used some of winnings to purchase new windows and add a bathroom to her home.

Eaton also wants to do some traveling and indulge herself a little. Most of all, she wants to help out her family when they need it. “It’s been a pleasure being able to help them,” the longtime lottery player said. “I’ve got good kids,” she told the Daily News.

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