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After months of waiting on the result of this past week’s Election Day results and the triumph of President Barack Obama, fans of “Saturday Night Live,” the long-running variety show, were hopeful that the cast would not disappoint in delivering the goods on the defeat of GOP hopeful Mitt Romney. And they didn’t.

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Making fun of his straight-laced image, Jason Sudeikis plays a distraught Romney chugging away his sorrows on cartons of milk. In reaction, Romney’s lookalike sons Tag, Matt, and Josh (all played by Taran Killam) try to get their father to join a party with his wife, Ann (played by Kate McKinnon). Bobby Moynihan reprises his Karl Rove impression in humorous fashion, detailing the Fox News Ohio debacle of last week. While not a belly buster, Sudeikis nailed his performance and will surely be playing the beleaguered former Massachusetts governor in the future.

Check out the full skit below: