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Detroit Bishop Wayne T. Jackson says a YouTube video of his ordination ceremony is being smeared by fellow members of the cloth for being sexually charged and offensive, the Detroit New reports.

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The video shows Bishop Jackson praying and lying on atop new bishops  as they lye on the floor. The men are shrouded in red and white cloth during the ceremony, which took place in August at his church, Impact Ministries International. Jackson says detractors have assailed the ceremony on his Facebook page but any negative messages seem to have been erased from his wall. The Detroit religious leader says that the way in which he conducts the ceremony is similar to the ordination of Catholic priests.

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“I have done nothing wrong,” said Jackson, a grandfather and married father of nine, told The News on Tuesday. “This was done in front of a thousand people. It was not done in secret.”

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He says that he does not plan to discontinuing the style in which in conducts the ceremony, but his critics argue that he should reconsider.

“If I were Wayne T. Jackson, I would find another way to ordain bishops in the future,” the Rev. Horace Sheffield III of New Destiny Baptist Church in Detroit said this week during his radio show on WCHB-1200 AM.

The Detroit News has more:

He said his attorney is seeking a cease-and-desist order to pull the video from YouTube.

“They are using my likeness to spew hate,” said Jackson, senior pastor of the church and founder of The Impact Network, a Christian broadcasting network solely owned by African-Americans.

“This has been a main attack on homosexuals. If (the ministers) call themselves Christians, they should be leading people with love.”

The Rev. Anthony Evans, president of the Washington, D.C.-based National Black Church Initiative, said Jackson “has a right to develop any ceremony he chooses” — but the practice is unusual, offensive and seems to promote homosexuality, a taboo in the black church.

So far, the 8-minute video, which was uploaded to the video sharing site on Jan. 11, has more than 15,000 views and the feedback in the comments section are not pleasant. Check out the video for yourself and form your own opinion. When you do, let us know how you feel in our poll below the video and on NewsOne’s Facebook page.