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An alleged Orange County, Fla., prostitute was arrested and charged with attempted murder after nearly biting off a client’s penis, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

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The cops were called to the Crestwood Suites on University Boulevard after multiple 911 calls complaining about screaming and growling sounds from a room on the second floor of the hotel.

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When the cops arrived on the scene, they found a man covered in blood from several apparent injuries to his penis, testicles, leg, abdomen, chest and fingers, according to a police report obtained by The Sentinel.

The victim was rushed to the Orlando Regional Medical Center trauma center.

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The allegedly attacker and escort, Priscilla Vaughn (pictured), “was nude, and had blood around her mouth, which had spread to her face and head,” the report states, adding Vaughn “growled and snarled” at the cops on the scene.

The Sentinel has more:

The victim later told deputies his attacker was an escort he’d hired for Monday evening. After dinner, they returned to her hotel room, where they drank alcohol and Vaughn used Ecstasy, the report states.

During consensual sex, the escort “became more aggressive, and she began to bite his genitals. He described it as if she were trying to eat his penis and testicles,” the report says.

The victim tried to get away, the report states, but Vaughn “was too powerful and he could not get her off of him.” She also took his cell phone away when he tried to call for help, the report says.

The Sentinel is not naming the victim because of the sexual nature of the crime.

When deputies searched the room later, they found “a significant amount of blood, knocked over furniture, and strewn belongings,” as well as a sex toy that had been severely damaged by bite marks.

“The damage to the toy indicates a desire to cause severe damage,” the report says, adding it appeared the damage to the toy was done prior to the attack.

In addition to the attempted murder charge, Vaughn was charged with false imprisonment and tampering with the victim’s ability to contact law enforcement.

She was jailed without bail.