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A 32-year-old man from Ewing, N.J., was charged with assault after being caught on video hitting a woman with a table during a diner melee last Friday.

The Smoking Gun reports that the drama unfolded at the Two Peters Diner in Ewing, a township outside Trenton, around 3:30 a.m. It is unclear what exactly started the brawl, but it ended with one section of the establishment being trashed.

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At some point, a patron began recording the fight. The three minute and nineteen second video opens with several scantly-clad women fighting each other. The battle included hair-pulling, fist-throwing and chair-tossing.

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Roughly a minute into the video, Amon Baldwin is seen picking up a large table and tossing it at one of the women involved in the fighting. Lieutenant Rocco Maruca, spokesperson for the Ewing Township Police Department, said that an officer responding to a 911 call in connection to the melee saw a Baldwin punch a woman in the face. Since video of the attack has surfaced, Maruca said that others can sign complaints at the local municipal courthouse; two such complaints are expected to be filed, Maruca, said.

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Peter Gromitsaris, the owner of the diner, told The Trentonian that he was so devastated by the fight that he has no intention of watching the video.

“The people are acting like animals,” he said. “Even animals don’t act that way.”

Well, if you want to watch video of the “animals” going at it, we have a copy of it below: