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“Shots Fired at Capitol Hill” was stamped boldly on the TV screen yesterday and immediately I felt something wasn’t quite right. I sat frozen at my desk, typing away at the details of the attack on Capitol Hill.

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At first, all we knew was that there were shots fired and they were heard around the Hart Sen. Building. Then little by little, we were fed more details. Fingers crossed, I hoped the person wasn’t Black. A few more details later, there was a car chase, starting from a crash into the White House barricade, striking officers and ending near the Capitol, where the suspect was shot and killed. There was a child in the car, Miriam’s one-year-old daughter, Erica. Again, something doesn’t feel quite right.

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A few more details later, it’s a woman, then a mother, then finally, a Black woman. Ouch. Maybe I’m partial, but now I am convinced, this just ain’t right. I am an admitted conspiracy theorist and I instantly felt this was what many career theorists call a “False Flag.”

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