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Madonna set social media on fire Friday night when she posted a picture of her 13-year-old son Rocco on Instagram and called him the n-word, reports Buzzfeed.

The picture shows Rocco boxing and Mama Madonna captioned it with the following:

“No one messes with Dirty Soap! Mama said knock you out! #disnigga”

When outraged followers responded, she quickly deleted the offensive message and issued an apology:

“I am sorry if I offended anyone with my use of the N-word on Instagram,” the singer said in a statement on Saturday, Jan. 18. “It was not meant as a racial slur…I am not a racist.”

She added: “There’s no way to defend the use of the word. It was all about intention…It was used as a term of endearment toward my son who is white.  I appreciate that it’s a provocative word and I apologize if it gave people the wrong impression. Forgive me.”


Her conciliatory tone is a lot different from her initial reaction. Before she realized the error of her ways, the Material Girl reposted the picture with a new caption:

“Ok let me start this again. #getoff of my d–k haters!”

White mothers calling their White children “niggas” as a “term of endearment” has to be a new level of crazy.

Coming from Madonna, though, maybe we shouldn’t expect anything more.

In addition to Rocco, she has three other children: Lourdes, David and Mercy. Mercy and David are Black, adopted from the African nation of Malawi.

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