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From TheRoot.com:

For the longest time, besides family, black people would only put three pictures up on the wall: Jesus Christ, Nipsey Russell and John F. Kennedy. The Kennedys, in general, have always had a soft spot in the hearts of many black folks because they have always been, as old timers say, “good white folk.” The kind of white person you didn’t have to worry about giving you the soul handshake (WTF?), talking black jive to get along or dropping the “N” bomb by accident. They were the kind of white people who are at ease with everyone; white people you could have over to dinner. The Kennedys as Irishmen, knew how it felt to be marginalized and, despite their wealth, this marginalization seemed to inform the politics of the whole family. The passing of Edward “Ted” Kennedy last night doesn’t just leave a gap in the Democratic Party. Who will bring his empathy and compassion for the rest of America? Who will take up his causes?

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Sen. Edward M. Kennedy Dies At Age 77

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