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Funnyman and actor Marlon Wayans (pictured) is probably not laughing very much these days.

The director/producer is reportedly being sued by actor Pierre Daniel (pictured), who alleges in a suit filed Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court that he was hired by Wayans and allegedly subjected to offensive language about his African-American race and harassed.

When he complained, he was canned by the comedian, according to TMZ.

Daniel reportedly told TMZ, Wayans hired him for a bit in his film, “A Haunted House 2.”

Last September, Wayans allegedly tweeted a side-by-side picture of Daniel and Cleveland Brown, an animated recurring character, who first appeared on the hit television series, “Family Guy,” but then spun off into his own series entitled, “The Cleveland Show.”

Daniel alleges Wayans then captioned the comparison with the following:

“Tell me this n***a don’t look like … THIS N***A!!! Ol Cleveland Brown lookin ass.”

Daniel did not get Wayans’ off-color joke and instead, viewed the mean-spirited act as cyber-bullying.  Daniel alleges Wayans’ posting was racially bias and made fun of his appearance.  The bit performer also accuses Wayans of leering and rolling his eyes at him.

Wayans, who does seem to be prone to juvenile, slapstick antics, evidenced by his numerous appearances on television shows and films, is being painted in the lawsuit as a performer with a cruel and insensitive side.

Daniel now claims in the suit that Wayans hurt his ability to act by causing him “shock, pain, discomfort and/or anxiety” and so he is reportedly giving up his craft as a result.

Daniel is reportedly gunning for not only Wayans but for the film’s production company and is requesting unspecified damages.

 BTW, I’d say there is quite a resemblance.