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Even though “Real Housewives of Atlanta’s” Apollo Nida (pictured) is prison-bound in a few days to do an eight-year stint for cashing stolen checks and laundering over $2.3 million via fake bank accounts, he reportedly wants to tie a few loose ends, like finishing up his tell-all autobiography.

TMZ reports that, according to unnamed sources who spoke to the celeb site, Nida is grinding to complete his book and even worked with a few writers to get his story down pat.  The book is said to cover practically every nook and cranny of Nida’s 35 years on earth.

Nida appears to have had a charmed life with his movie star good looks and monied demeanor, but he actually had a hard-knock upbringing.

He grew up poor with a mother who reportedly overdosed on heroin right in front of him.  As a mixed race German and Black child, growing up was chaotic for Nida from sun up to sun down.  Nida claims to have experienced homelessness in his youth as he was passed from one person to the next, never even starting school until the third grade.

Nida also knows quite a bit about racism. He has stated publicly that the Caucasian half of his DNA is made up of family members who have racial bias towards him because he is Black.  So he knows the penetrating effects of having someone refer to you as the N-word and contends in a June “Straight From the A” interview, “Growing up, you hear the n-word and have low self-esteem, but for me, I’ve always — it’s just like, repellent.”

Meanwhile, TMZ also claims that Nida even cheesed it for the camera with a photo for his bio-in-the-making.

Certainly “RHOA” fans are keeping their fingers crossed that the hubby, who is married to attorney-with-divatude, Phaedra Parks, will include one or two behind-the-scenes dishy moments on a few of his hit reality show co-stars.

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