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VH1 is bringing “Sorority Sisters” debut season to an end after facing an unprecedented backlash from the African American community.  According to media reports, the last three of “Sorority Sisters” 10 episodes will air back-to-back Friday.

Comedians Tony Woods, MeShelle “The Indie Mom of Comedy” and Skiba appeared on “NewsOne Now” with Roland Martin to discuss the end of VH1’s ratchet reality television series during this week’s installment of Wildin’ Out Wednesday.

MeShelle, a member of Delta Sigma Theta called the show “a hot sizzling mess and it goes against everything my organization stands for.” She continued, “102 years of service diminished down to a burlesque dancer with a half shaved head?” MeShelle explained she wants to end that portrayal of Black women before they multiply.

“That wasn’t sister anything, that was mess,” said MeShelle.


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Roland Martin, White Delta Go In On VH1’s “Sorority Sisters”

“The Indie Mom of Comedy” didn’t stop there she went on to take a dig at the “Real Housewives” brand of reality shows saying, “How you a housewife and you got to be a housewife by being on your knees and you wasn’t praying? How you a housewife and I a’int never seen you cook a meal, I a’int never seen your kids …”

Martin interjected, “In order to be a housewife, you got to be a wife and actually have a house.”

Listen to Martin, Tony Woods, MeShelle “The Indie Mom of Comedy” and Skiba chop it up about VH1’s ratchet reality show “Sorority Sisters” in the audio clip below.

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