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This morning, the world received the surprising news that President Barack Obama has been awarded the Novel Peace Prize “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” While this is undoubtedly a proud moment for the president and for the nation, did Obama really merit this honor? Perhaps not. Here are three reasons why President Obama shouldn’t have won the Nobel Peace Prize.

1) He hasn’t accomplished anything yet. It’s certainly true that President Obama has raised the international profile of the United States, and that’s wonderful and important. But he’s done that primarily by a) not being George W. Bush and b) by giving a few key speeches. Should the Nobel Prize Committee really be in the business of rewarding people for existing and talking? That seems like an awfully low standard. He’s working toward spreading peace in the world, to be sure, but this isn’t third grade – the President of the United States should not get a gold star and an A+ just for trying. What happened to rewarding people for the actual fruits of their labor?

2) This moment could have been saved for later. It’s entirely possible – even likely – that later in his life, President Obama will have substantial and tangible results to show for his presidency. Past winners such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Al Gore, and Mother Theresa have been awarded the prize after dedicating their entire careers to their respective causes: racial justice, combating climate change, and fighting world hunger. Rewarding a lifetime of toil is a much more worthy motivation for awarding a Nobel Peace Prize than simply wishing to acknowledge someone’s effort before they’ve had a chance to make a real impact. Was it really so urgent that Obama receive this award now, nine months into his presidency? This prize would have been a great deal more meaningful if he had won it after decades of hard work.

3) Idleness should not be encouraged. It would be very unfortunate indeed if President Obama took this award as a sign that he’s doing a great job and should plow ahead in the same manner. Thus far, a whole lot as been said – about health care, closing Guantanamo, sorting out Afghanistan, equal rights for gay Americans, etc. – and very little has gotten done. And before anyone trots out the old “He’s only been president 3 months/6 months/9 months, give the man a chance!” rallying cry, let me remind you: 9 months is close to a quarter of a presidential term, and he is by no means guaranteed a second one. What’s more, he can only count on strong Democratic majorities in Congress for another year; there’s no telling what will happen in 2010’s midterm elections. The man doesn’t have the luxury of time, so he needs to get serious about his agenda and hop to it. Giving Obama an award right now doesn’t push him any closer to doing so.


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