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A study — conducted by professors at George Mason University — said that the largest school system in Virginia is more likely to hire White teachers than equally qualified Black educators, reports NBC4 Washington.

From NBC4 Washington:

The study, published in the Harvard Educational Review, found that black teachers made up 13 percent of all teacher applicants to the school system, but only 6 percent of all job offers. White applicants, on the other hand, made up 70 percent of applicants but received 77 percent of all job offers.

…”In this district, Black applicants, though having many attributes similar to their White counterparts, encountered a significantly lower likelihood of being offered a job, replicating discriminatory employment patterns documented across a range of industries,” the authors wrote.

The study — which university researchers didn’t identify the school system that was studied but current and former Fairfax County public school officials confirmed as Fairfax —  prompted the Minority Student Achievement Oversight Committee to send a letter to the school board, reports The Washington Post.

SOURCE: NBC4 WashingtonThe Washington Post


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