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The head of Yale University’s Pierson College is coming under fire for apparently backtracking on what many students understood as his plan to remove permanently the portraits of his White predecessors from the college’s dining facility, Fox News,

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Stephen Davis, head of Pierson College’s residential hall, said on the college’s Facebook page that his original email about the portraits generated “misperceptions,” adding that the portraits will return to their places after an unspecified time.

The paintings of previous heads of Pierson College were taken down—as they always are—to make space for the college’s annual Halloween party. In his email, Davis said it was decided this year to leave the walls empty to prompt everyone to reflect on belonging. He encouraged students to create self-portraits and renditions of classmates for display in the dining hall.

Given the university’s controversy over its links to slavery, many believed Davis’ plan was a step toward inclusion. Yale ignored backlash for refusing to change the name of a residential college that honored John C. Calhoun, a U.S. vice president who defended slavery. Eventually, the university yielded to pressure. Let’s see what happens this time.

SOURCE:  Fox News


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