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A Black Fox News pundit recently held lectures that didn’t sit well with law students at two Colorado universities, touting a message to “stop blaming White people,”  The College Fix reported.

Jason Riley, who is also a conservative columnist for The Wall Street Journal and a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, spoke about Black politicians at the University Of Denver and the University of Colorado-Boulder law schools. He built on central messages in his book titled, False Black Power?, saying that the influx of Black politicians has not benefitted the Black community in recent decades.

“We can’t keep blaming white people for black problems,” Riley said during his talk at CU Boulder, the CU Independent reported. “They must learn to do things for themselves.

Black Law Students’ Associations at both campuses were not having it and organized protests.

University Of Denver law students sent an email that said the event was “highly problematic” and that “BLSA has decided not to let this go unaddressed.” A large number of students walked out of Riley’s speech during the BLSA protest.

At the University of Colorado-Boulder, its Black Law Students Association addressed important subjects to the Black community, including “slavery, Jim Crow, and the school-to-prison pipeline,” according to the CU Independent.

“We do not pity ourselves, we are not bleeding hearts—but we refuse to speak about blackness and/or black power without a thorough acknowledgment of the injustice blacks have suffered in this country,” the CU BLSA email stated.

Some thought Riley’s speech would be very divisive.

“I worry that Riley’s statements could be really polarizing, just confirming what an audience of mostly white people want to hear,”  Aretha Frazier, a first-year law student and member of the CU BLSA, said, The Daily Camera reported.

The speech was criticized for promoting “dangerous rhetoric,” especially right after Black History Month in February. Students also wore all black to the speech in a peaceful “silent protest”.

Riley had no issues with the protest, saying that “a small group of students staged a silent protest but then engaged during the Q&A” and he” thought it went well,” he said to The College Fix.


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