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As White people lose their majority population status in the United States, some of them are taking desperate steps to protect their political power. The latest example is a lawsuit, filed by a group of Whites, that alleged racial discrimination based on the Voting Rights Act (VRA).

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The trial, Anne Harding, et. al. v. County of Dallas, Texas, began on Monday (April 16) in a Dallas federal courtroom, the Dallas Morning News reported. It’s believed to be the first time that White voters are suing for protection under the VRA, which was enacted to protect the voting rights of historically discriminated groups, like African Americans.

Lawyers for the four plaintiffs argued that Dallas County commissioners approved voting districts in 2011 that “intentionally” discriminated against White voters.

Some legal experts speculate that this could be the first of many similar lawsuits, as the United States becomes a majority-minority nation. In 2015, the population of racial or ethnic minority babies was 50.2 percent, marking the first time that babies of color outnumbered White babies, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. Non-Whites are expected to become the majority of the nation’s children by 2020.

Dallas County has grown more racially and ethnically diverse over the past few decades—and that has created a lot of concern for many White residents.

White voters in the county were “cracked” and then “packed” into one district, the plaintiffs claimed. “I just want districts that are fair,” said the lead plaintiff, Ann Harding, who wants to vote for a moderate (read: White) Republican.

The county commissioners used a “classic mechanism,” which Whites have historically used against Black voters, to make it difficult for White voters to select the candidate of their choice, a demographer testified on behalf of the plaintiffs.

However, experts doubt that the plaintiffs will win by using the VRA because White voters are not part of a historically discriminated class.


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